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How MVP Andre Iguodala Improved His Game with UP

You’re a basketball player in the NBA. You’re up against Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and it’s Game 6 in the NBA championship finals. Thousands of people scream at you from every direction, millions more watch from home. It’s been 40 years since your team has won a championship, and the pressure is palpable. At this moment, you’d think your bed would be the furthest island from your mind, but your sleep routine could mean the difference between winning or losing.



Crafting Wearability: A Marriage of Beauty and Engineering

At Jawbone, our mission is simple: Beauty + Engineering in service of a Better Life. Jawbone has paved the way for technology that does not look or feel like tech. We believe in our mission of artfully crafted experiences; its written into the very bones of our manifesto and its pillars, which we call the Jawbone 6.


We create experiences

That are seamless, beautiful, magical and delightful.

Everything we do—

from a single human interaction

to a product for millions of customers

—is crafted with pride and attention to detail

This makes our work as covetable as it is essential.


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UP Stories: How Jenna Lost Over 100 Pounds at Age 43

“I am 43 years old, and I am living proof that it is never too late to start again and be the person you saw only in your dreams,” says Jenna Leveille, an UP wearer since August 31, 2013. 

For Jenna, her fitness journey started at her workplace. Like most people interested in losing weight, she experimented with a number of crash diets over the years, but it wasn’t until she asked her manager and friend Fred Churbuck at Livingsocial who gave her a lead on a professional trainer, Eric Bach of Bach Performance, that her journey toward long-term weight loss officially began.



Making Step Counting Smarter

While step counting has been a core feature of the wearable category since the launch of UP, it’s one of the features our team believes can continue to improve over time. While it is quite easy to implement a basic step counter, building a step counter that accommodates the rich experience of life is an exciting challenge.

At Jawbone, we’ve been able to improve step counting accuracy through over-the-air band updates. For example, in July, we were able to improve step counting for low weight steppers (individuals weighing less than 120lbs) through firmware update 1.1, and more improvements are on the way. In the interest of transparency, we’d like to provide some insight into the work we’re doing to further improve step counting over time.



How to Travel Healthy and Stay Well

Here in Palo Alto, health and wellness continue to be lifestyle priorities among the general population—from the tech elite, to the families, to the college students, and beyond.  We designed The Epiphany to truly reflect and serve the community, and have long sought for thoughtful ways to enhance and support a healthy lifestyle for guests of the hotel, transient visitors, business travelers, and local diners, alike.