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Travis Bogard

Travis Bogard is the vice president of product management and strategy at Jawbone, where he oversees the company’s product roadmap, strategy, customer service, and business development activities globally.

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Wearables: When fashion and function converge

Last month I was asked to comment on a Quora question on how the Apple Watch would impact the wearables market. In my post, I explained that we welcomed them to the table, but that it’s really important to be clear on the what is meant by the ‘wearables market’.

I wanted to provide a bit more explanation into how we at Jawbone see the market segmenting today. The guiding principle for us is about how people wear things. And by ‘things’, I don’t mean tech. I mean everyday clothing and fashion. The first point is an obvious one: we all wear clothes, jewelry and accessories in different ways. Some people wear a watch, some wear jewelery, and others wear both. Nobody wants to look exactly like the person next to them on the subway, or be ‘that guy’ wearing the same shirt as someone else at a party. People like variety—and personalization. Second, what we wear at any moment changes based on the activities we have planned for the day. It may even change multiple times in a day. (more…)


UP opens up

There are two questions we’ve been asked a lot over the last few weeks – what do you think the Apple Watch will do, and how will it impact your business? Well now we know both. At Jawbone we welcome the entry of Apple into the smartwatch market. It’s good news for us because it’s another device that will connect to our UP system. (more…)


Jawbone now works with Nest

UP24 by Jawbone is a wearable device that can tell if you are awake or asleep. Nest Learning Thermostat ™ knows your schedule and the temperatures you like.

So you can imagine that we were excited by the potential of combining the two, giving people seamless control of the temperature in their houses.

When we introduced UP in 2011, we knew that people would love learning new things about themselves. How many times did I wake up last night? How much farther do I walk on weekends? How does my step count impact the sleep I get?

We also knew that the UP platform had huge potential to engage developers eager to build new products and apps to integrate with our service. But the growth in the platform over the last year has been phenomenal. Today, we have well over 1,000 partners now working with us —a small number of which we showcase on our own app. These integrations have created an enhanced service; connecting your UP account with the apps and products you already love to complement your UP experience.

This is exactly what we are announcing today with Nest. By connecting your UP24 with your Nest Thermostat, the temperature of your house will automatically adjust to a temperature you prefer – the moment you go to bed or wake up.

Through UP Insights, we have shared the fact that an ideal sleeping environment is cooler, between 65 and 72 degrees. With the Nest integration, we no longer just tell you this fact. We make it a reality. Once your band enters Sleep Mode, your thermostat will kick down to your ideal temperature. And when you wake? You guessed it. Your thermostat will automatically adjust to a warmer temperature… all without leaving your bed.

It’s a powerful integration that is not merely about linking devices. Works with Nest is about making meaningful connections between different parts of people’s lives. It’s based on great technology and two sets of insight and data, Nest and Jawbone, combined to create a great experience.

This has very much been our approach as we have built our partner platform. We’ve expanded the UP platform from fitness and sleep to a much broader category of lifestyle. So whether you are walking your dog (through dog tracker Whistle), driving your car (through Automatic), or making your morning coffee (through IFTTT) we can connect you. One partner in Russia, Alfa Bank, has even given the UP community access to higher savings interest rates if they hit their step targets for the day. So healthy living can equal healthy finances, too.

This is just the start, and we expect many more partners to join the platform in the coming weeks and months. It shows the flexibility of the UP platform and demonstrates its growth, enabling an ecosystem that revolves specifically around you. It’s why while some people may call it the ‘Internet of Things’, but we like to call it the ‘Internet of You’. Not technology for technology’s sake – but smart innovations that make your life better and easier. Technology that allows us to be more human.