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Travis Bogard

Travis Bogard is the vice president of product management and strategy at Jawbone, where he oversees the company’s product roadmap, strategy, customer service, and business development activities globally.

Announcing UP4 by Jawbone

NOW SHIPPING! Introducing UP4

We’re thrilled to announce that, as of 06/25/2015, UP4 is available and shipping in the U.S. from

We’re delighted to be announcing UP4, our newest fitness tracker – so advanced it pays. UP4 is built on the multi-sensor platform in UP3 (with advanced activity, sleep and heart health tracking) with the added convenience of payments from American Express. Our experience has shown us that health and fitness tracking is bringing a lot of people into the wearables market.



Connecting Your New Apple Watch to UP

Congratulations! You just got your Apple Watch ahead of all your friends. Here’s how you can connect it to UP – the most powerful and intuitive fitness tracking system on the market.

One of the great things about the buzz behind the Apple Watch is that it has the potential to bring millions more people into the health and fitness tracking world. Tracking your activity will help you better understand yourself and meet your health goals. (more…)

Huawei & Jawbone Partnership Announcement

Huawei Joins the UP Platform

We’re delighted to confirm that Huawei – one of the largest device manufacturers in the world – is joining Jawbone’s UP platform through a unique partnership between the two companies. Huawei announced today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that they have chosen our UP platform as the preferred health and fitness system for their mobile phones and wearable devices.


Lifestyle image of man wearing UP3 by Jawbone

Jawbone Announces UP3 Shipping Dates

We are pleased to announce customer availability dates for UP3, our newest, multi-sensor tracker. We sincerely apologize for the delay and frustration that this has caused, and we are deeply grateful for the patience and continued support of our customers. UP3 is currently in mass production and will begin shipping on April 20th to all US customers who have pre-ordered from


up band collage

Wearables: When fashion and function converge

Last month I was asked to comment on a Quora question on how the Apple Watch would impact the wearables market. In my post, I explained that we welcomed them to the table, but that it’s really important to be clear on the what is meant by the ‘wearables market’.

I wanted to provide a bit more explanation into how we at Jawbone see the market segmenting today. The guiding principle for us is about how people wear things. And by ‘things’, I don’t mean tech. I mean everyday clothing and fashion. The first point is an obvious one: we all wear clothes, jewelry and accessories in different ways. Some people wear a watch, some wear jewelery, and others wear both. Nobody wants to look exactly like the person next to them on the subway, or be ‘that guy’ wearing the same shirt as someone else at a party. People like variety—and personalization. Second, what we wear at any moment changes based on the activities we have planned for the day. It may even change multiple times in a day. (more…)