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Eugene is on the Data Science team at Jawbone where he makes data talk. He is also into Improv, CrossFit and cats. Follow him @eugmandel

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Sleep Deprived? Blame Your Commute

Our work schedules and commutes shape our daily routines. Whether we drink coffee in the morning, which train we catch, our children’s school schedules, and if we choose to workout, or not, are all part of an intricate system created to help us live our lives successfully, to help us arrive to work early, and hopefully—leave on time.

At Jawbone, we are always curious about what everyday routines can tell us about our health, and what parts of our routines impede and propel progress toward our goals. As the UP® system with Smart Coach becomes more aware of these routines, it’s in a better position to help you build healthier habits that work for your situation.



Too Hot to Trot: Temperature’s Effect on Exercise

Does the weather affect how active you are? This question has been the subject of several studies, though small sample sizes may cloud the results.With hundreds of thousands of UP wearers logging their steps around the world, we at Jawbone can help to answer these questions. Wind, precipitation and temperature can be studied separately, but we chose to look at temperature. Comparing the aggregate activity data of UP wearers to the weather dataset published by the National Climatic Data Center, we are able to see how the average number of steps UP users take is impacted by the temperature.



How the Napa Earthquake affected Bay Area sleepers

The South Napa Earthquake was the strongest to hit Northern California in 25 years. Our data science team wanted to quantify its effect on sleep by looking at the data recorded by Jawbone UP wearers in the Bay Area who track their sleep patterns.

Napa, Sonoma, Vallejo, and Fairfield were less than 15 miles from the epicenter. Almost all (93%) of the UP wearers in these cities suddenly woke up at 3:20AM when the quake struck. Farther from the epicenter, the impact was weaker and more people slept through the shaking. In San Francisco and Oakland, slightly more than half (55%) woke up. As we look even farther, the effect becomes progressively weaker — almost no UP wearers in Modesto and Santa Cruz (and others between 75 and 100 miles from the epicenter) were woken up by the earthquake, according to UP data. (more…)