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Emi Nomura

Neuroscientist by training, data scientist in action! I'm a fitness fanatic who balances out long runs with equally long brunches. You can find Emi on Google+.

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How The World Travels

The holidays are upon us and many people take this time to head out of town. Whether you’re lounging on the beach, visiting family or traveling for work, staying healthy and active when traveling can be a challenge.

We explored anonymized data from hundreds of thousands of members of the UP community to find out how the world travels, and patterns in travel behavior.



Sunday Funday and Quinoa Monday

Everyone has different habits throughout the week. Maybe you always get your early morning run in on Tuesdays before the staff meeting. Or Sundays you take an extra long bike ride (before or after brunch, of course). When we look at the weekly breakdown of workouts across the UP community, people tend to log the most workouts on Mondays and drop off through the work-week with a low point on Fridays—happy hour, anyone?  (more…)

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Meal of Fortune

If I told you I had a banana at 9am yesterday, could you predict what else I had? Would you have said coffee and oatmeal? Congratulations, you just won your first spin on… the meal wheel!

The latest version of the UP app, released today, contains an entirely new food tracking interface designed to help you log meals easily and quickly. One way to make food logging easier? Magic. Or… data science. UP will now predict and suggest the most likely meal companions for a single food item, saving you time.



The Divided States of Steps

There is power in knowing the previously unknowable. How many steps did you take yesterday? How does that number affect the way you feel? And for some of us, the most important question… how many steps equal a burrito? Until the large-scale adoption of wearable devices, like UP by Jawbone, acquiring data about daily activity levels has typically relied upon self-reported numbers via national surveys. But now, with new data from people across the United States, Jawbone is in a unique position to address the question by providing a realistic measurement of UP wearers’ daily habits. (more…)