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Jeremiah Robison

Jeremiah Robison is responsible for software engineering, algorithms, and data science at Jawbone, a San Francisco company specializing in wearable technology and audio devices. His expertise is showcased in the popular Jawbone UP activity tracker, which has been praised for its elegant user experience. Earlier this year, Jawbone launched an open platform that will let the UP integrate with other health and fitness services. Prior to joining Jawbone in 2010, Robison was chief technology officer at Slide, where he spearheaded technology strategy and development. He has also worked for Openwave, where he designed and built the first HTML browser for mobile phones, and Apple, where he contributed to the handwriting-recognition software on the first Newton organizer. Robison is a computer science graduate of Stanford University, where he played on the national championship water polo team.


Making Step Counting Smarter

While step counting has been a core feature of the wearable category since the launch of UP, it’s one of the features our team believes can continue to improve over time. While it is quite easy to implement a basic step counter, building a step counter that accommodates the rich experience of life is an exciting challenge.

At Jawbone, we’ve been able to improve step counting accuracy through over-the-air band updates. For example, in July, we were able to improve step counting for low weight steppers (individuals weighing less than 120lbs) through firmware update 1.1, and more improvements are on the way. In the interest of transparency, we’d like to provide some insight into the work we’re doing to further improve step counting over time.



Our Open Device Protocol

One of the fundamental principles guiding the development of the UP system is that it requires many companies and organizations — working together — to tackle the monumental challenge of improving human health. (more…)