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Kelvin Kwong
  • Kelvin Kwong
  • Director of Product Management, Head of Behavior Change

Kelvin leads a cross-functional team building experiences to facilitate behavior change to improve health outcomes. At Jawbone, he takes the learnings from behavioral science out of textbooks and into the hands of the UP community. Kelvin previously spent time at Amazon, as an investor and as a professional magician for nearly a decade -- and no, we’re not playing two truths and a lie. Follow him at @kelvinskwong if your heart desires.


Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail

As the clock strikes midnight on December 31, many around the world will embark on new resolutions, the first step to improve their lives—or so they think.

Unfortunately, most resolutions don’t work out. According to John Norcross, arguably the foremost researcher on resolutions, 81% of New Year’s resolutions fail. Even more shockingly, 29% of them fail within the first two weeks. Why?


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Introducing Duels: The Ultimate Step Competition

If you had entered Jawbone’s San Francisco office over the last few months, you would have witnessed various members of the the team doing laps around the office. This boost in drive and motivation has been in large part due to the epic head-to-head challenge feature that we have been developing and testing to help our users get more active.


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A Smart Coach By Your Side

“It’s getting late! Don’t you think you should get to bed?” my father asked, poking his head into my bedroom. When I was 15 years old, this happened a couple times each week. A decade and a half later, and what’s changed? Not much actually. My tendency to stay up late continues, but what’s different is the nudge. Instead of my father intervening, my nudges now come from an intelligent system called Smart Coach.



How Your Brain Is Wired to Help You

Imagine you walk into a bar. At the front door, there’s a friendly-looking person asking you to sign a petition against drunk driving. Straight forward enough, right? You sign it and go about your night just as you would have anyway, without a second thought. (more…)