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Lydia Cruz

Lydia Cruz is the Social and Community Coordinator at Jawbone. She’s passionate about yoga, country music, and never says no to an adventure. After 10 years in operations management, she made the transition into the world of tech. A CSU Monterey Bay Alumni (Nothing Hotter Than an Otter), she's a true California girl but prior to Jawbone bounced around Oregon, Kansas and Texas. If she is not at work or traveling you will find her cheering on her SAN DIEGO Chargers-- or dancing like a maniac. Follow her at @LydiaCBolt


5 Ways To Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, whether you are single or in a relationship, it’s very important to remember to love YOU. According to Science Daily, acceptance is the attribute most closely tied to self satisfaction and happiness; yet, we find it hardest to accept ourselves. As a person who has learned the value of self-acceptance, I am here to tell you that loving yourself is the only pathway to truly loving your life—and everyone in it. Here are some tips to inspire and help you to stay on track this Valentine’s Day season. (more…)


Our Best Health & Fitness Data Stories of 2015

We love data here at Jawbone. We love to see stats on how people are sleeping, how active they are, what daily routines improve lives, and which are a detriment to our health.

This year we shared some health and fitness data stories that people loved—but some of you may have missed. As Community Coordinator at Jawbone, I want to help you get 2016 off to a great start. So, here’s a list of my favorite data stories from 2015. I hope it helps you make more informed, healthy decisions next year, and every year!



5 Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes From Yummly

With the holiday season upon us, what better time than now to mix in a few healthy dishes with our favorite Thanksgiving traditions. My family’s favorites include sweet potato pie, creamed spinach, southern style cornbread stuffing, potato salad and of course, the legendary deep fried turkey. While these are all delicious and mouth watering options–they aren’t always the most diet-friendly, being particularly high in calories, carbohydrates and grams of sugar.