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Priya Bhatia

Priya hails from San Francisco and loves to cook while planning her next travel excursion. She coaches the Behavior Change organization on how to use data to make great products. She is driven by empowering non-tech nerds to view data as a tool, not a burden. You can find Priya rocking out to live music or savasana-ing in Hayes Valley on weekends.


How to Set Healthy Goals

Wow! It’s June already?! Remember those New Year’s Resolutions? Yea, me neither. What makes reaching your goals so tough? (Besides pizza!)

We’ve all made resolutions we think will stick, but what really makes a successful goal? 45% of Americans set a resolution, but only 8% achieve their goals by the end of the year. At Jawbone, we’re thinking year-round about how goals work for people in our community. The Smart Coach team is dedicated to creating an experience that helps you achieve your health aspirations. How do we ultimately help the UP® community achieve their healthy goals in an intelligent way? Research and experimentation are at the core of how we approach goal-setting for the UP® community.