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Sarah Cole-Kirsch

Sarah Kirsch is Senior Global Product Marketing Manager at Jawbone, focusing on Enterprise Software and the company’s offerings in population health management. Prior to Jawbone, she founded the Ignite Group, and has held marketing roles with Sutter Health, Johnson & Johnson, and UC Berkeley. Find her on LinkedIn.


How Sustainable Is Your Corporate Wellness Program?

Ask any senior manager what are the key attributes they look for in an effective team member and the chances are reliability and consistency will be up there. But while most of us manage to be predictably excellent in the workplace, there are other parts of our lives where we are far less consistent.

Health and fitness is, of course, one of these areas. The road to fitness is littered with discarded gym memberships, deleted apps and unused trackers. The sad truth is that most companies operating in this area simply don’t care if you fall off the wagon. Why else would your gym insist on a 12­ month contract. You’ve bought their product, they’ve taken your money, and the rest is up to you. No wonder people give up.

Sadly, many existing corporate wellness programs suffer the same fate. Competitor programs tracking activity and sleep at a group level have shown high drop off rates – as much as 50% after 6 months in some cases.