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Sameera Poduri

Sameera is interested in intelligent systems, and has a deep passion for technology that empowers people to live better and realize their potential. She has a PhD in robotics, and has productized innovative algorithms that have made mobile phones and wearable devices smarter. At Jawbone, she analyzes rich health data from UP devices to provide personalized intelligence to its users. You can follow her on Twitter @sameerapoduri .


How we fall sick and recover during Flu Season

At Jawbone, we’re proud to build products that help people lead healthier lives. With our UP line of trackers, people can track their activity, sleep, and heart health, and reduce the factors that negatively impact their overall health day to day. Of course, another important part of understanding health is understanding sickness—how and when we fall sick and recover.

To uncover the key to sickness and recovery, we looked at anonymized data from Jawbone’s fitness tracker and UP App, in particular, user comments on their own activity that included words related to flu. We computed a sickness likelihood score as the change in the fraction of flu related comments over the normal baseline and studied how this score varied with seasons and demographic factors.



How We Move and Sleep in India

India is one of the largest countries in the world, ranking second by population and seventh by land size. It is also one of the most culturally diverse countries with 23 official languages, a multitude of cuisines, and a variety of religious beliefs and practices. We have seen some of this rich diversity living in India, and meeting people and hearing stories from across the country, but our experiences have been limited to a few cities, and we’ve always wondered about parts of the country we’ve never been to. So when Jawbone launched in India, we were curious to see if and how this diversity gets reflected in sleep and activity data from thousands of people wearing UP bands in different parts of the country. What moves Indians? What makes them keep late nights? Which cities get the most sleep in India?