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Shannon Sweetser is the Senior Community and Social Manager at Jawbone. An explorer, adventurer and consumer advocate, she spent 10 years building and nurturing user-centric communities that span states, countries, and continents at Google, Hubspot, and Brightcove. Follow her at @shaxxon.


UP Stories: How Jennifer Uses Heart Rate Tracking To Manage Chronic Illness

“I was diagnosed with a congenital condition called Chiari Malformation at age 16.” says Jennifer Lake, an UP community member since 2014.

“For seven years, I was sick without any idea of why. And, it turned out that this Chiari Malformation had been the answer all along. Sometime throughout the seven years between diagnosis and treatment, I developed a secondary problem. My cranio-cervical junction had become unstable, allowing my second vertebrae to migrate upwards and backwards, compressing my brain stem. Essentially, my skull had begun to slip back and forth on my spine. The doctors sat me down and said, ‘You’re going to need brain surgery.”



UP Stories: Ashleigh’s Weight Loss Journey from 500 to 200 Pounds

“Progress—not perfection—is what I’m going for. I firmly believe that’s how I’ll meet my ultimate goals, with progress and little changes over time. The weight didn’t come on overnight, so it’s not like it’s going to fall off overnight either,” says Ashleigh Whitcomb, a member of the UP community since 2014 who is on a weight loss journey to lose over 300 pounds.



Celebrating Oprah’s Favorite Things 2015

I’m not sure if I could tell you exactly when I became a fan of Oprah Winfrey. All I know is that when I was a freshman at college in Roanoke, VA, my mother used to call me from Florida. I’d curl up on my springy single mattress bed, make some tea, grab a blanket, and we’d watch the show together after my afternoon classes. Even today, Oprah is an inspiration to us — a supportive friend, a soul guru, and of course — our favorite librarian. After twenty years of not reading a single book, an Oprah’s Book Club pick turned my mom on to reading again. Now she can’t go anywhere without a Kindle book on hand!



Can You Log More Than Half Your Daily Steps With A Single Workout?

Aerobics, cycling, pilates, and yoga— if it seems like there’s a workout for every letter of the alphabet, you’re probably right. The fitness world is saturated with workout regimens, each offering you the “best chance to lose weight.” Though, whether or not you lose weight using one method or another depends on a number of factors unique to you: your overall amount of daily activity, your starting BMI, your diet, your overall wellness, and, according to our own study, if you’re proactive in logging meals and workouts. (more…)

Jenna_960x460 (1)

UP Stories: How Jenna Lost Over 100 Pounds at Age 43

“I am 43 years old, and I am living proof that it is never too late to start again and be the person you saw only in your dreams,” says Jenna Leveille, an UP wearer since August 31, 2013. 

For Jenna, her fitness journey started at her workplace. Like most people interested in losing weight, she experimented with a number of crash diets over the years, but it wasn’t until she asked her manager and friend Fred Churbuck at Livingsocial who gave her a lead on a professional trainer, Eric Bach of Bach Performance, that her journey toward long-term weight loss officially began.