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Victoria Sanchez

Victoria is obsessed with language. Every day, she tests and optimizes content to make the biggest impact on her audiences. When she's not hammering away over a hot keyboard, you can find her curled on an armchair with her cat and a good book. Her guilty pleasure? Pusheen gifs.


The Magic of Behavior Change

Magicians are a funny bunch. They pull rabbits out of hats and keep white doves around for company. But whether it’s guessing which card someone’s pulled out of a deck or making themselves disappear—they’re pretty good at the art of illusion.

So what if you made yourself a master of illusion? What if, for instance, you could fool yourself out of a bad habit? In theory, breaking a bad habit should be pretty simple. You don’t need Jedi mind tricks to circumvent bad habits because you’re totally in control; you have the power to change. (more…)