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Can You Log More Than Half Your Daily Steps With A Single Workout?

Aerobics, cycling, pilates, and yoga— if it seems like there’s a workout for every letter of the alphabet, you’re probably right. The fitness world is saturated with workout regimens, each offering you the “best chance to lose weight.” Though, whether or not you lose weight using one method or another depends on a number of factors unique to you: your overall amount of daily activity, your starting BMI, your diet, your overall wellness, and, according to our own study, if you’re proactive in logging meals and workouts. (more…)


Heart Health: What Really Makes Your Heart Healthy?

Over the course of your life, your heart has the ability to beat over 3 billion times, making it the hardest-working muscle in your body. Each one of those beats involves the coordination of a complex system of muscles, veins and arteries in charge of oxygenating your entire body.

So, how do you make sure that this important organ is healthy and happy? A simple way to gain insight into your heart health is by tracking your resting heart rate, or the rate at which your heart beats when you’re not active (like early in the morning, before you’re up and about). A lower resting heart rate usually indicates that the heart is being more efficient, requiring fewer beats per minute to pump the same amount of blood.


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Sleep Deprived? Blame Your Commute

Our work schedules and commutes shape our daily routines. Whether we drink coffee in the morning, which train we catch, our children’s school schedules, and if we choose to workout, or not, are all part of an intricate system created to help us live our lives successfully, to help us arrive to work early, and hopefully—leave on time.

At Jawbone, we are always curious about what everyday routines can tell us about our health, and what parts of our routines impede and propel progress toward our goals. As the UP® system with Smart Coach becomes more aware of these routines, it’s in a better position to help you build healthier habits that work for your situation.



What Makes People Happy? We Have The Data.

Which parts of your daily routine have the greatest impact on your mood? Do you wake up happier when you sleep more, or exercise more? What can you do to improve your mood?

At Jawbone, we strive to improve the overall wellness of our users by helping them track, analyze, and improve their health. (more…)

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Celebrating National Sleep Week

It’s the National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep Awareness Week, a time to reflect on the importance of sleep. Sleep Week concludes with a large disruption to our sleep: Spring Forward. The original intent behind Daylight Savings was to save energy during World War I. On average, Americans lose 13 minutes of sleep that night, totaling over 74 million hours of sleep for the entire country.