Nutrition as a Design Problem: The Food Score

A majority of Americans think eating healthier is more complex than filing their taxes. A Nielsen’s study shows that 59% of consumers have difficulty understanding nutritional facts on food packaging.

Twenty years ago, the FDA mandated comprehensive nutritional labels be placed on virtually every food package sold in stores. Yet rather than improving nutrition, the two decades since have coincided with the explosion of the obesity epidemic. (more…)


UP3 & UP4: The first truly wearable heart rate monitors

When it comes to heart rate monitors, many people are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Existing products on the market may offer a variety of features, but it’s all at the cost of wearability. Big, clunky form factors, short battery life, a manual heart rate capturing process and a lack of actionable insights are all consistent complaints. (more…)


UP3: The world’s most advanced tracker

At our highest aspiration, the UP system helps you make everyday choices that enable both short and long-term health benefits. Every aspect of our product, from industrial and software design to data analytics, is crafted in service of this. With UP3, we wanted to significantly increase our ability to understand your physiology, and translate those signals into actionable insights. (more…)


Introducing UP MOVE

Did you know that 95% of our users say that UP has changed the way they act or think about their health. 72% say they are sleeping better. And over 80% say they feel more alert and content with life.*

People are clearly seeing real and tangible benefits from the UP system, and we want to expand those benefits to the widest possible audience. So we’re delighted to introduce our newest product – UP MOVE. With UP MOVE we are bringing a simple, yet savvy, fitness tracker within reach of everyone with a great price and some fantastic accessories.

thorpe sleep

UP3: A deep dive into sleep tracking

I’ll be honest with you, I’m deeply passionate about all things sleep.  With a decade of sleep technology experience under my pillow, I’m lucky enough to have had Olympians, Pro All Stars and rookie hopefuls call me “sleep coach”… and a few have actually called me in the middle of the night.  My travel bag is armed with a memory foam eye mask and multiple sets of ear plugs.  And, unsurprisingly, one of my favorite movies is Christopher Nolan’s Inception.