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Stepping UP The Fashion Game

Anna Wintour once said, “There’s something about fashion that can make people very nervous” when describing the 1.7 trillion dollar industry that’s known to be one of the most fast paced and toughest to work in. Behind all the glamour and neverending search for the latest trends is the hard work of hundreds of designers, editors, make-up artists, buyers or atelier workers—keeping the fashion world turning.

Every year during Fashion Week, all eyes turn to four select metropolises around the globe, where the crowds gather to leave the short lived past behind and look towards the future. One of the four cities is London, where our friends from Dazed Magazine decided to have a closer look at the people working the fashion game to answer the question, Who works the hardest in fashion?  To uncover the answer, they styled UP a group of insiders (a makeup artist, freelance writer, event planner, editor, photographer, designer and intern) and one outsider with an UP3, hoping to gain some insight.