DROP a beat with a Tweet

UPDATE: Thank you for your interest in DROP! DROP was an exciting social experiment, but that experiment is now at a close. As we shift our primary focus on the UP platform, we have removed DROP from the Apple App store. DROP can still be used if customers downloaded it before removal from the store. If you previously downloaded and deleted DROP, you can go into your purchase history on the Apple App store to retrieve. However, please note that DROP has never been available for Android.

At Jawbone, music is core to our culture and history. We are a company of musicians, producers, fans, and everything in between.

In 2010, we released JAMBOX, and instantly created a new product category. Along with BIG JAMBOX and MINI JAMBOX that followed, the speaker epitomized the social music experience, enabling people to enjoy music with their friends anytime, anywhere

In 2013, Jawbone and NoiseToys decided to join forces to push this experience even further, combining the power of Jawbone’s hardware expertise with NoiseToys’ software technology.

We started by looking at opportunities to improve the JAMBOX experience, and found our inspiration from a simple frustration expressed by Jon Witort, one of our engineers. As the JAMBOX owner in his group of friends, he consistently had to play DJ as well. Problem was, he didn’t know what everyone wanted to hear, and didn’t want to spend his whole evening curating a playlist. While other apps provided basic sharing with lots of bells and whistles, they didn’t address the real pain point. So Jon did what great engineers do, and what we are constantly striving to do at Jawbone: he created a solution to the problem.

He teamed up with Austin Soldner, Jawbone’s audio designer and DJ-in-residence, and together they went at it. Austin knew the product needed two things: a one-button interface that could play music with little-to-no effort, and a dead simple way to let other people add their music. So, he went to work designing the ultimate music player interface—beautiful, simple, and fun. He also realized Twitter would be the perfect platform to integrate social—fast, easy, and ubiquitous.

Today we’re excited to announce the fruit of our efforts, DROP by Jawbone. It’s a new music app that elevates the social music experience to a whole new level – it plays music you’ll love with the touch of a button, takes requests from your friends in a seamless way, and constantly adapts to ensure everyone hears music that they’ll enjoy. We think it’s the ultimate social music app to complement JAMBOX, the ultimate social speaker.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Open the app, and instantly listen to an endless mix of music based on your favorite songs
  2. Friends can easily add songs to the mix by sending you a tweet with the name of the song that they want to play (i.e.: “@viagrawal drop strawberry bubblegum”). Note: Be sure to connect to your Twitter account during the sign-up flow.
  3. DROP updates the mix with new songs based on everyone’s requests.

DROP requires a paid subscription to Spotify Premium or Rdio Unlimited. It also uses your Twitter account to take requests from friends, an experience so magical on its own that you just need to experience it for yourself.

Huge thanks and much gratitude to Twitter for their mobile platform, Fabric, and providing such an amazing launchpad for the product, as well as Spotify, Rdio, and The Echo Nest for being close partners and working with us over the last several months to unlock this magical experience.

We’re really proud of what we’ve built, and are proud to share it with you. We’d love to hear your feedback, and if you have any questions about using DROP at all, feel free to send a tweet @dropapp and someone from the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

About The Author

Vivek Agrawal

Vivek leads audio software at Jawbone. He previously co-founded NoiseToys, acquired by Jawbone in 2013. Prior to NoiseToys, he composed music with AR Rahman on a number of his movies in India, including the Oscar-winning score for Slumdog Millionaire. You’ll often find him exploring new restaurants in SF with his wife, Sangita, and running endlessly in the Marina in search of a clear view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Say hi to him @viagrawal on Twitter!