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Experience the Internet of You: Introducing the Jawbone Marketplace

“At Jawbone, we embrace the promise of the Internet of Things. We can only put all this together if we work with others… This notion of an open ecosystem is critical to making the Internet of Things a success.” – Hosain Rahman, CEO & Founder.  Earlier this month, our CEO Hosain Rahman shared his perspective on the huge potential of connected devices to deliver on the promise of not just the “Internet of Things”, but the “Internet of You”.

Hosain argued that products like our UP fitness trackers can empower the highly personalized experiences we want to deliver, and allow our connected devices to be “truly smart”— all in service of a great experience for the customer. Members of the UP community are currently able to connect their UP accounts to dozens of devices and partner apps that enhance their UP experience. Today, we’re excited to take that offering to the next level by launching our very own online Marketplace.

To put it simply, we’re bringing the best of the Internet of You to our customers, in a very real and tangible way.

The new Jawbone Marketplace lets you unlock the best of UP with a curated selection of devices and apps to put you on a path to a better you – whether that means moving more, eating better, improving your sleep, or creating a more streamlined home through automation.

We’re thrilled to announce that the following best-in-class launch partners – whose products span categories across Fitness, Sleep, Food, Lifestyle, Smart Home and more – are now available for purchase on Jawbone.com:

  • Automatic Accessory – Connect Automatic to UP to learn how your daily drives could be hindering you from hitting your activity goals.
  • LoseIt!® Scale – Connect the LoseIt! Body Fat scale to automatically log your weight in UP and keep moving towards your weight and fitness goals.
  • Orange Chef Prep Pad – Get balanced, precise meal recommendations to help you reach your UP activity and weight goals.
  • SmartThings Kit for Jawbone – Turn your home into the smartest house on the block by making your appliances respond and react intelligently to your UP activity.
  • Whistle Activity Monitor – Connect UP with your dog’s Whistle to get a complete picture of how you influence each other’s overall well-being.


For those looking for a more hands-on approach to improving their lifestyle, we’re also introducing an entirely new category of integration to the UP App Gallery and Jawbone Marketplace – Training Apps – to help the UP community reach their individual goals even faster with highly personalized coaching and support. You can now sign up for these expert digital training programs on Jawbone.com (learn more here):

  • Kiqplan – When you partner Kiqplan’s customized plans with UP, you can get the body you’ve always wanted, no matter your age, shape or size.
  • Fitocracy – The Fitocracy app lets you hire a coach who works with you to build nutrition and workout plans to help you reach your UP fitness goals.
  • FitStar – FitStar creates customized workout plans that help you reach your UP® goals, anywhere, anytime. No equipment required.
  • MapMyFitness MVP Membership – Automatically track your workouts in UP to help you train more intelligently.
  • Sleepio – Get the best sleep of your life when you pair Sleepio’s clinically proven sleep improvement program with UP.


The physical goods and digital software subscriptions found in the Jawbone Marketplace are currently available to our customers in the US, and we hope to expand to other regions soon. As a significant new venture for Jawbone, we’re excited to expand on our mission of putting you at the center of your digital experiences.

Shop the Jawbone.com Marketplace now.

Reach out via social media with products or new categories you’d like to see us add as we expand the Marketplace. We love to hear from you!

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Matthias Schaefer

Matthias Schaefer loves to shop online. In fact, he did all of his 2014 holiday shopping on his laptop and smartphone – not only seeking the best gifts, but also the best online shopping experiences out there. As VP of eCommerce at Jawbone, he makes Jawbone.com awesome. Prior to Jawbone, Matthias built his career in global eCommerce roles at Apple and eBay. Hailing from Germany, he holds a Masters in Strategic Communications from the Berlin University of the Arts.