Can You Log More Than Half Your Daily Steps With A Single Workout?

Aerobics, cycling, pilates, and yoga— if it seems like there’s a workout for every letter of the alphabet, you’re probably right. The fitness world is saturated with workout regimens, each offering you the “best chance to lose weight.” Though, whether or not you lose weight using one method or another depends on a number of factors unique to you: your overall amount of daily activity, your starting BMI, your diet, your overall wellness, and, according to our own study, if you’re proactive in logging meals and workouts.

For a while now, users of the UP App have enjoyed the ability to log the duration and effort level of a variety of different workout types, such as yoga, running, pilates, biking, cross training. We’re always curious about what users who have successfully reached their goals can teach the whole community, and how their data can propel more of us towards progress. We had our team look at the data of a few thousand UP users who logged workouts and daily activity within the UP app to see if any exercises produced a noticeable health advantage across our community.

We saw that UP wearers who participated in Zumba, a high cardio fitness class, took an average of 5241 steps and burned an average of 544 calories during a single Zumba workout. UP wearers who regularly engaged in Zumba workouts averaged 25% more steps than the average UP wearer.

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) conducted a 2012 study on the body benefits of Zumba. Participants burned an average of 369 calories per Zumba class, and burned more calories with Zumba than other popular workout activities, including cardio kickboxing, step aerobics, hooping and power yoga.

So, what gives? ACE researchers attribute success with Zumba to its party-like structure. Zumba is more free form, and just like at a dance party, there are no formal rules on how to move. Rather than follow their instructor exactly, participants are encouraged to give their own flair to their steps, thus allowing all fitness levels to have a fun workout together.

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The stats are computed using anonymized data of a few thousand UP users who logged workouts and daily activity within the UP app.

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