Huawei & Jawbone Partnership Announcement

Huawei Joins the UP Platform

We’re delighted to confirm that Huawei – one of the largest device manufacturers in the world – is joining Jawbone’s UP platform through a unique partnership between the two companies. Huawei announced today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that they have chosen our UP platform as the preferred health and fitness system for their mobile phones and wearable devices.

So how will it work? The UP by Jawbone application will be pre-loaded on selected Huawei handsets in the future, beginning in the U.S. region, allowing Huawei smartphone owners to instantly join the UP community. UP software will also become the preferred tracking software for all compatible Huawei wearable devices, including the TalkBand series of fitness and productivity-focused wearables.

This is great news for Jawbone as it enables us to further expand the UP community to millions of more users, allowing us to build an even stronger and richer platform. And it’s great news for anyone with a compatible Huawei device as they get easy access to our industry-leading UP app, proven behavior change tools – such as our Smart Coach system – and a huge eco-system of connected partner apps and services.

We remain committed to building advanced and beautifully crafted wearable devices, but we also believe variety and personalization are important to people. We see an opportunity for Jawbone to become the preferred health and fitness system on a range of high-quality devices. We believe that everyone – whether they track with one of our bands, their smart phone, or another wearable device – should be able to join our community and benefit from the UP experience. This is all part of our open strategy, announced last September, which has allowed us to expand the number of people joining the UP system by opening our platform.

As our CEO Hosain Rahman explained recently, we will only make the so-called ‘Internet of Things’ (or as we like to say ‘Internet of You‘) a reality by opening up our systems. So we are honored to partner with Huawei as they demonstrate a real commitment to deliver the very best experiences to their customers by partnering with UP.

About The Author

Travis Bogard

Travis Bogard is the vice president of product management and strategy at Jawbone, where he oversees the company’s product roadmap, strategy, customer service, and business development activities globally.