Introducing UP MOVE

Did you know that 95% of our users say that UP has changed the way they act or think about their health. 72% say they are sleeping better. And over 80% say they feel more alert and content with life.*

People are clearly seeing real and tangible benefits from the UP system, and we want to expand those benefits to the widest possible audience. So we’re delighted to introduce our newest product – UP MOVE. With UP MOVE we are bringing a simple, yet savvy, fitness tracker within reach of everyone with a great price and some fantastic accessories.


At just $49.99, UP MOVE is a great way to track your steps, exercise and calories burned throughout the day.  It also tracks hours slept and quality of sleep to make sure you are getting in those recommended 8 hours each night.

For those who don’t feel comfortable with devices on their wrist, or who would prefer to keep their tracker out of sight, we provide a sturdy clip which you can attach to a pocket, bra strap, belt loop and more. However, I prefer wearing the tracker with the strap, since the wrist provides the most accurate location to track sleep.

Combined with our powerful UP app, you’ll get access to Smart Coach.  UP’s new Smart Coach system isn’t like other canned fitness advisors out there. It’s like a partner in fitness—an intelligent guide that helps guide you to healthier choices each and every day.  Smart Coach goes well beyond basic numbers to show you the meaning behind the stats.  It will come to learn all your habits—both the good and the bad—like that healthy friend or personal trainer who is always motivating you and cheering you on.

UP MOVE is also fun and versatile. It comes in five available color options, and you can mix and match different clips and straps as well. The wide palette of colors allows for you to express your individuality, so play around until you find just the right combination. We think people will love it – and we can’t wait to see it out there on wrists, belts and wherever else you want to clip it.  (Send me a tweet with your favorite combination!)

*Jawbone user research, Sept 2014; Study by independent market research company 2CV, conducted between October 10-17, 2014. 

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About The Author

Danny Carvajal

Danny Carvajal is the head of project management at Jawbone. His team provides support for new product development and go-to-market activities. Danny is from Miami, a graduate of The U, and enjoys running, eating fro-yo, and drinking good wine (usually not at the same time). He, his wife Lauren and dog Jack are all avid fans of Jawbone products.