Introducing UP2 - The Elegant Successor to UP24

UP2 – The Elegant Successor to UP24

Wearable technology is transforming dramatically. We are seeing numerous iterations of wearables, from large displays encased in plastic to watch-like technology on the wrist.  In thinking about the convergence of this technology with new form factors, we approach our design work at Jawbone uniquely, with a focus on style and all-day, 24/7 wear. To achieve this with UP2 we focused on three main priorities.

The first was size and style. For the last 2 years, we have focused on fitting the best technology and sensor elements into a smaller form factor than ever before. I’m excited about our achievements with the new UP2. It is 45% smaller than our classic UP and UP24 bands, which makes it the lightest and most discreet tracker on the wrist. Making the UP2 in this modest scale is a milestone and a feat. But most importantly it is in-line with our core belief that health and lifestyle data is of greatest value if people track their progress continuously all day and night. A small and lightweight device on the wrist makes it something we forget we are wearing, in a good way.

The second was accessibility – making a product that is absolutely beautiful, advanced technologically and very affordable. To do so we focused on style with the technology tucked inside an anodized aluminum body and a new technique to make it a real object of desire on the wrist. Our laser-etched patterning is applied directly onto the surface. It is three-dimensional without adding extraneous material and fashion add-ons. We also designed an entirely new buckle and approach to wrist size adjustability. It is truly one-size fits-all now.

While we are starting with iconic black and silver designs, we are ambitiously readying more amazing colors, patterns and materials. Our customers (I call them wearers) have diverse taste. For this reason we are always making sure choice and sophistication are built-in to our design approach.

Finally, the third priority was about creating a discrete experience. Too many bright displays, techy beeps and LEDs have invaded our lives. With UP2, we follow a principle that allows notifications to magically appear on the surface of the device. The subtle band vibrations notify our wearers that they have achieved a goal, or that it’s about time to go to bed or wake up. After all, only the wearer needs to know what’s going on, not the surrounding company.

As I said, the wearable market is evolving dramatically as technology improves. While some companies are trying to make their products do everything, we are trying to make our products do what you need them to do – to be there for you 24/7. UP2 provides this in a form that works the best in your life – no flashy screens, no unnecessary buttons and features – “just” a beautiful, stylish, small, comfortable, and truly wearable band.


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Yves Behar

Yves Béhar is a design entrepreneur who believes that holistic product, digital, and brand design are cornerstones of any business. He is the founder and CEO of fuseproject, an integrated design and branding firm established in 1999, Chief Creative Officer at Jawbone, and co-founder of August, the next-generation home entry system. Béhar has collaborated with such companies as Herman Miller, GE, Puma, PayPal, SodaStream, Samsung, Issey Miyake, Prada, and Nivea, garnering over 200 awards. He believes that design should be a force for positive social and environmental change, and his work on One Laptop Per Child and See Better to Learn Better have made him the only designer to be honored with two INDEX Awards, as well as a Top 25 Visionary by TIME Magazine.