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NOW SHIPPING! Introducing UP4

We’re thrilled to announce that, as of 06/25/2015, UP4 is available and shipping in the U.S. from

We’re delighted to be announcing UP4, our newest fitness tracker – so advanced it pays. UP4 is built on the multi-sensor platform in UP3 (with advanced activity, sleep and heart health tracking) with the added convenience of payments from American Express. Our experience has shown us that health and fitness tracking is bringing a lot of people into the wearables market.

But there is so much more you can do to improve people’s life once you have a wearable on the body. Increasingly we have been using our trackers to help people connect with other devices and services – the so-called ‘Internet of Things’ (which we prefer to call the ‘Internet of You’, focused on your individual needs). Everything from your thermostat and smart home to your car and pet tracker. People love these integrations – particularly the ones that make their lives easier and more efficient.

So we asked ourselves the question: If you are wearing an UP band 24/7, what is the integration that would make your life simpler, more convenient and just more efficient? The answer for us was payments. Paying with our credit cards is something we do many times a day, and we thought we could make the experience even easier. And American Express was the obvious partner – their reputation for industry-leading service, protections and benefits made them a natural choice for UP4.

So how does it work?

American Express Card Members with an UP4 tracker will be able to connect an eligible American Express Card via the latest UP App for iOS or Android. Users can log in with the same Amex username and password used to manage their account online. Then they just have to select the Card they want to connect to their UP4 for payments. And if you don’t have an American Express Card you can apply for one directly in the UP app.

Paying with UP4 is a seamless experience. Just tap your wrist on the terminal in the store (or even in a New York City Cab) hear the signal of the successful payment and you’re done. You don’t need your phone with you, or to push any buttons – just tap and go. You can use UP4 to pay anywhere American Express contactless payments are accepted.

Of course, safety and security is really important for payments. The good news is paying with the UP4 system is just like paying with an American Express Card. When a Card Member taps to pay with the UP4 tracker, they get all the security, service and benefits of Card Membership. Crucially – your card account and transaction details are always kept private and Jawbone does not see either your account or payment details.

We can’t wait to deliver UP4 to our users and to American Express Card Members – it’s a first-of-its-kind integration that sets a new standard for fitness trackers and demonstrates the opportunity of wearables to improve your daily life.

UP4 will be available to purchase on this summer and will retail at $199.99.

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Travis Bogard

Travis Bogard is the vice president of product management and strategy at Jawbone, where he oversees the company’s product roadmap, strategy, customer service, and business development activities globally.