The Jawbone Family Gets UP Together

Earlier this year, our team at Jawbone had the privilege to share Get UP Together, a series of authentic success stories sourced directly from our UP® community.

First you met Brett, a former Silicon Valley adviser, who used his UP3™ band to track his recovery after a sudden bike accident four years ago. Next, we introduced you to Samantha, a mother of three who tracked and improved her sleep with her UP3™ band. And recently, we featured Alicia and Jordan, two close friends who grew even closer while using UP® Duels to challenge each other and stay motivated.

Our community felt inspired by these stories, and many felt compelled to share their story of how the UP® app and bands have helped them create healthy habits, lose weight, sleep better and bounce back after a heart attack. For the people working on these products to help others live better, there’s no greater gift than hearing how the UP® system has helped so many manage and achieve healthier lifestyles. We thank you for sharing these stories with us each month.

As the VP of People Operations at Jawbone, I’ve had the privilege to bring together a dynamic and diverse group of people who inspire and encourage each other. I can say firsthand that it’s nearly impossible to work at Jawbone and not be personally affected by stories of success—let alone the immense knowledge set we have here around managing a healthy lifestyle. Many of our employees were originally attracted to Jawbone because we build products that can drive behavior change and help people live longer, healthier lives. This positive atmosphere creates a familial and supportive atmosphere among our employees, a space where people feel open and undeterred from sharing their personal lives and health challenges—more so than at most companies.

Our employees’ personal stories are so inspiring, we’ve decided to pull back the curtain and share them with our community. In the next few weeks, you’ll meet several of these amazing people, including Sarah Barr, our Director of Content who began trail running after a chance encounter with a motivated Jawbone intern. You’ll also meet Kirstin Aschbacher, a Data Scientist, who decided to combine her experience in psychology, medicine and data science to help people manage their health in new ways here. We have many stories to share and hope you’ll enjoy reading about how our UP® app and bands transformed our employees’ health, their lives and careers. You’ll even get to learn how it changed mine.

We’re all better together. See what motivates us to build technology, teams and a vision that helps people live longer, healthier lives.

About The Author

Randy Knaflic

Randy Knaflic is the VP of People and Internal Operations for Jawbone, where he leads HR, talent acquisition, employee development, IT and workplace efforts. Before Jawbone, Randy was the VP of HR and Talent at SpaceX. Prior to that, he spent six years with Google based in Switzerland—where he developed his data-driven approach to HR and recruiting—leading Google's rapid expansion across 12 engineering sites in Europe and the Middle East. Randy lives in San Francisco with his wife, data viz author Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic, and their three young children. He enjoys an eight-minute walk to the office, running, jazz and is passionate about all things coffee.