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Running Insights with UP and Runtastic

For some, a healthier life starts with a well-balanced diet and the right food choices; for others, it may be an upbeat Zumba session in the morning, or 10,000 steps every day. At Jawbone, we understand that the path to a better you is unique and personal.

As you embark upon your journey, you’ll realize that some things work better than others. Some people need tailored insights and features that are personalized to their journey, not someone else’s. The same tools don’t work for everyone. This is why we are proud to offer the largest third-party ecosystem on the market. This, in addition to our unique Smart Coach features, allows us to build one of the richest platforms out there — giving you everything you need to reach your personal goals.

We believe that the market is defined through personalization and variety. People use different solutions depending on their needs and various lifestyle choices. Today we are excited to announce our latest partnership with Runtastic, one of the leading health and fitness apps of its kind. Our unique UP platform, consisting of hardware, software and data that helps you understand your personal patterns to make better lifestyle choices for yourself and your overall well-being, will now easily connect with Runtastic’s top-quality user experiences for workout and fitness tracking, motivating users to get the most out of their workouts.

While working closely with Runtastic on this project, we’ve quickly realized that both of our communities had more in common than a passion to live better. When we look at the anonymized data of thousands of UP users, we see that after walking, running is the most logged workout in our system. With an average run being around 3009 steps, most of our runners log nearly a third of their daily goals with just one run. Now all our run-loving users can learn more about their runs and workouts, in addition to profiting from our 24/7 features and Smart Coach insights. Runtastic users can now share their personal achievements and data points with our big community of UP users and most importantly enjoy our very-own Smart Coach features and personalized suggestions that motivate you to make real changes and accomplish more each day.


Motivated to go on your next run now? Find out more about Runtastic by downloading the Runtastic  Android or iOS app, and  share your next run in the UP app for Android or iOS.

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Patrick Sebastian Henkel

Patrick is the International PR Manager at Jawbone, where he shares all things UP with many different countries and timezones all around the globe. In addition to telling you about all the exciting news we have, he enjoys a good pilates session, electronic music, and his daily dose of pop culture.