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#StyleUP Your Fitness Tracker with Jawbone x BaubleBar

When we introduced UP MOVE almost one year ago, our goal was to bring fitness trackers within reach of everyone by creating a simple, inexpensive device that could be worn anywhere. This versatile tracker was designed with a sturdy clip that can be clipped to pants, while colorful mix-and-match straps enables flexible options for wrist wear.

Ultimately, we wanted people to have options for how they wear their UP MOVE and inspire people to get all the benefits of wearing the device regularly. When people wear an UP MOVE 24/7, Smart Coach crunches this data, establishes trends and areas for improvement, and surfaces these important insights within the UP App. Of course, for anyone to receive these vital insights, the tracker needs to be versatile enough to work with varying activities, outfits, moods and occasions.

As the authority on fashion jewelry, our friends at BaubleBar know all about designing options that take women from day to night. With our recent launch of new colors and designs of UP2 and UP3, BaubleBar showed us how our new fitness tracker designs fit beautifully in a stack of bracelets. Today, we’re excited to announce that BaubleBar has designed a line of embellished accessories with hidden compartments created to hold UP MOVE.


Available in 3 different styles, Tango, Salsa and Disco, these beautiful accessories will ensure you will never have step regret after a night out with friends because your UP MOVE will always be with you.

On a personal note, I’m obsessed with the Salsa Jawbone bracelet in black and gold and wear it with or without an UP MOVE.



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Emily Anadu heads partner communications for Jawbone and is a lover of all things pop-culture. Prior to Jawbone, she was Director of Product Marketing at Zynga, Director of Marketing at Capcom and has held marketing roles at Atari, EA SPORTS and Chupa Chups. Find her on Instagram @emilyanadu