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Give Thanks. Take Steps.

How did you celebrate last Thanksgiving? Chances are there was plenty of turkey, potatoes and family time involved. But if you were a part of a select group of UP Community members, there were a lot of steps as well.

Last year, 5% of the UP Community received a Today I will, challenging them to hit a specific number of steps. The results? Those who opted in took 1,428 more steps., 27% more than those who did not.

2013 Turkey TIW


Let’s take a closer look at Thanksgiving Day 2013, across the UP Community. 

According to Running USA, Thanksgiving 2012 saw more than 870,000 people run in turkey trots across the United States. But despite the trending trots and family football games, Thanksgiving is actually one of the lowest step days of the year for the UP Community, with 12% fewer steps from the previous Thursday.


Whether or not you’re active on Thanksgiving, there’s one thing we can all agree on: it’s all about the food. Not surprisingly, traditional Thanksgiving foods like turkey, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce were logged up to 8 times more than the Thursday before.  But take a closer look at the graph, and the days that follow. Notice the gradual slope on turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes? We call this the leftovers effect.

thanksgiving food graph

After the meals have been consumed and the laughter dies down, people hit the sack for a tryptophan-induced slumber. After waking up 56 minutes later than normal on Thanksgiving Day, the UP Community went for a repeat and slept in 53 minutes later on Black Friday. It looks like sleep wins out over a doorbuster sale! And with a good night’s rest, people were active, taking only 2% fewer steps than a usual Friday.


This year, we’re encouraging the UP Community to buck the trend. Challenge yourself, and commit to hitting your step goal on Thanksgiving Day. Take a morning run before you settle in to celebrate, sign up for a turkey trot near you, or walk off the turkey with a quick stroll after dinner. But most of all, enjoy the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving.

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