UP24 now lasts 14 days on a single charge

In a world where some wearable devices barely last a day, we’ve always been proud of the week-long battery life of UP24. Today, thanks to the dedicated work of Jawbone and our partner FullPower’s engineering teams, we have been able to double that with a free firmware update, extending the battery life of UP24 to a massive two weeks.

Staying on the wrist 24/7 is an important part of the UP experience, as it allows our community to get the most accurate view of their day. With today’s update, you won’t miss a single step (or moment’s sleep) as your UP24 band will last longer than ever before on a single charge.

Jawbone’s unique approach to software-powered hardware — which brought our customers LiveAudio for JAMBOX and two extra hours of battery life for BIG JAMBOX — required extensive algorithm and firmware development that has now been applied to UP24. These next-generation algorithms enable us to more efficiently decipher signals from your UP24 band, which we then use to optimize hardware operation. The result is we have turned 7 days into 14 – and given the UP community one less device to charge this week.

To get the free firmware update, connect your UP24 band to your computer and visit jawbone.com/up/updater.

About The Author

Hari Chakravarthula

Hari leads the team responsible for developing the hardware, mechanical structure, materials, silicon and sensing systems for Jawbone’s wearable technology products.