Connecting Your New Apple Watch to UP

Congratulations! You just got your Apple Watch ahead of all your friends. Here’s how you can connect it to UP – the most powerful and intuitive fitness tracking system on the market.

One of the great things about the buzz behind the Apple Watch is that it has the potential to bring millions more people into the health and fitness tracking world. Tracking your activity will help you better understand yourself and meet your health goals.

Data Is Good, Understanding Is Better

But along with this new data about your body, you may find yourself asking questions about what all this data means. How many steps should I be taking? What is the real impact of my workouts? How can I make a significant change in my behavior?

The good news is we have a system to answer these questions.  Our Smart Coach (which powers the UP app) helps you make sense of the data and turn it into insight, but more importantly give you personalized guidance to motivate you to make real changes.

Jawbone will soon be launching an app for the Apple Watch, but even before this you can use your Apple Watch as an activity tracker for the UP system.

You can easily connect your Apple Watch as the tracker for the UP system and gain access to all the benefits of the UP iPhone app experience:

– Get Smart Coach personalized feedback and guidance based on your activity
– See all your activity in a clear digestible experience
– Manually track your sleep
– Log workouts (in your app and through 3rd party integrations)
– Log food and track your calories
– Track weight (logged or via 3rd party BTLE or WiFi Scales)
– Connect to team mate in a social feed
– Connect to thousands of apps integrated with UP

Connecting your Apple Watch to UP

Connecting your Apple Watch to work with UP is really easy.  (If you are already an UP user click here for instructions.)

  1. Download the Jawbone App on your iPhone
  2. Create a new account or sign-in to your existing account. (For those with an existing account, go to the right menu by tapping in top right and selecting “Add a New UP” at the bottom)
  3. Select “No UP yet” for the Activity trackerUP Open_Apple Watch_Jawbone Blog_Choose Your UP
  4. Allow Access to the Health App DataUP Open_Apple Watch_Jawbone Blog_Allow Access
  5. Turn all the selections to green on the rightUP Open_Apple Watch_Jawbone Blog_Health Access
  6. Finish entering account information
  7. You are ready to start using your Apple Watch to track your health and UP to make sense of it all!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I thought Jawbone makes devices that compete with the Apple Watch? No, Jawbone hardware solves a different problem than Apple Watch. Wearables come in many different forms. Smart Watches are daytime products solving notifications as an extension of the phone. UP bands are focused on total view of health, including sleep in a form factor and battery life that supports 24/7 wear .  More details here.
  2. What about Android Wear?  We have a solution for you as well. Just download the UP app and it will load the Android Wear application.  Tap here to install.
  3. Can I use Apple Watch with an UP band?  Yes, you can connect and track steps using an Apple Watch and UP band at the same time, and the UP system automatically calculates the best single step count for you at any given time.  At night, many people want to charge their smart watch but keep wearing their UP band to track sleep.  Without the need to change any settings, all your data is brought together to show you the complete picture of your day and night.

About The Author

Travis Bogard

Travis Bogard is the vice president of product management and strategy at Jawbone, where he oversees the company’s product roadmap, strategy, customer service, and business development activities globally.