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Valentine’s Day

Boxes of chocolate overwhelming drugstores can only mean one thing. It’s Valentine’s Day! Whether cupid’s arrow points squarely at your heart, or whether you see February 14th as a strange day proliferated with chalk-tasting heart-shaped candy, it’s certainly a day that celebrates the finest in life: food.

Picture yourself at that trendy downtown restaurant. There are candles on the table. A single red rose sits in a crystal vase. You’re all dressed up and staring into your special someone’s eyes. First, order drinks. The UP community prefers vino. They log 124% more wine and 529% more champagne on Valentine’s Day.

Now that you’re more relaxed, move on to the main course. The UP community logs 55% more steak and 142% more oysters on Valentine’s Day. Hello, aphrodisiac.

Women log 3% less garlic on Valentine’s Day, clearly aiming for a post-dinner kiss. Men log 37% more. Way to go, bros. And, for Lady and the Tramp fans everywhere, men log 20% more spaghetti. Women log 4% less.

Evidence shows that love is also about comfort. The UP community logs 71% more pizza and 60% more beer on Valentine’s Day. Those are the true lovers.

The biggest Valentine’s Day trend? Dessert. 88% more UP wearers opted for cake and 377% more ate cupcakes. And on Valentine’s Day chocolate is almost required. Men logged 25% more chocolate and women logged 39% more.

That covers drinks, dinner, dessert and chocolate. Now, lean in closer. You never know where the night will lead.

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