Sunday Funday and Quinoa Monday

Everyone has different habits throughout the week. Maybe you always get your early morning run in on Tuesdays before the staff meeting. Or Sundays you take an extra long bike ride (before or after brunch, of course). When we look at the weekly breakdown of workouts across the UP community, people tend to log the most workouts on Mondays and drop off through the work-week with a low point on Fridays—happy hour, anyone? 

Start the week off strong


Eating habits follow workouts

Monday is truly a fresh start. People are logging more workouts and eating healthier foods. Kale, quinoa and brown rice are logged more on Mondays than any other day. As the week goes on, everyone’s collective willpower seems to drop off. Workouts decline and french fries and beer begin to take over, reaching a peak on Friday and Saturday. And don’t forget all that bacon on Sunday brunch!


Gender differences in workout preferences

When we dig into the specific types of workouts people are doing, patterns start to emerge. Not only are there differences in the types of activities people are doing on particular days of the week but men and women differ by activity preferences. For example, activities like running, lifting weights and elliptical that are typically done in a gym are logged most in the early parts of the work-week. In contrast, activities like skiing or hiking that require more time and potentially a day trip are more popular over the weekend. Explore the data and find where you fit in!

Technical notes:

Technical note: Data comes from a sample of hundreds of thousands of US UP wearers logging tens of millions of workouts over a full year.

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