Smart Coach: Getting to know your workout

At Jawbone, we’re passionate about helping you live better. That’s why we built the UP system, and some of the smartest, most advanced, fitness trackers on the market. At the heart of our system is the Smart Coach insight and coaching engine. It integrates all our knowledge about how the UP community sleeps, moves and eats with your own personal activity. It crunches your data into actionable insights and uniquely personalized guidance.

We’re pleased to announce two great features in Smart Coach –  workout recovery and classification, making it easier than ever before to track your workouts and activities with UP.

We know that people are busy, and if you’re like me, we don’t always remember to put our bands in workout mode. With the new ‘Workout Recovery’ feature in the 4.0 UP app, you no longer have to worry about missing out on those unlogged workouts. Using minute-level step data, UP will automatically detect periods of sustained activity and surface them to your feed. The algorithm that segments your steps into active moments is based on a branch of statistics called Hidden Markov Modeling. This type of probabilistic modeling takes a sequence of events (i.e. steps/min over the day) and generates the most likely set of states (active or inactive) for those events. This feature should not only capture your run at the gym, but could also detect your mid-afternoon power walk.

After recording a workout, it’s important to tell UP what kind of workout it was to calculate your caloric burn accurately. That just became a lot easier, too. By comparing your context (like what time it was or how many steps you had) and your favorite workouts to tens of millions of workouts that have been logged in UP, we can accurately predict the workout type. Sophisticated machine learning algorithms make up to three predictions of the most likely workout types. As you log more workouts, the system gets smarter and learns that you’re a runner or tennis player. It’s all part of how we’re building a personalized system that knows you.

These two new features are only part of the story of how the UP system is making it easier than ever to track your activity. Detecting the workout is the easy part, getting to the gym is up to you!

About The Author

Brian Wilt

Brian leads an engineering team building personalized health insights and coaching. At Jawbone, he makes data human. He coaches kids volleyball. He earned his PhD studying neuroscience and applied physics at Stanford (go Card), and before that, high-energy physics at CERN and MIT. Follow him @brianwilt.