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Documentation Manager/SDK Developer
Roles and Responsibilities:

Become intimately familiar with the software systems listed below and be able to direct algorithms developers to appropriate examples/snippets/techniques

1. Data extraction system
  a. embedded C library for generating sensor IoT data in a compact binary format
  b. iOS app for bundling data from 1a and other devices
  c. extensible Python tool for translating the above data, legacy data, and 3rd-party data into a standard format

2. Embedded data processing system
  a. fixed-point math functions that generate features from data generated in (1)
  b. Forth-like language for producing algorithms
  c. Tools for debugging and verification of algorithms

Compile/edit examples and documentation into manual(s) for usage (internal and external) of the above systemsWork with open source team to release select components as open-source tools with appropriate documentation/supportWork with firmware and client developers to provide sensor data as needed and in formats as required to algorithm developersWork with algorithm developers to implement algorithms in the above system with performant techniques

- Attention to detail and qualityRead C/Python/Forth/Matlab code, write examples, and document APIsconsistent with each language's style
- Understand matrix and statistical math operations and how they compose into useful features for machine learning
- Able to document processes clearly and maintain that documentation

Desired attributes:

- Can stay steadily focused on tasks even with constant distractions
- Can determine which requests are important to act on, and which to safely ignore
- Thirst for learning about these systems for their own sake
- Attention to detail and quality


San Francisco, CA, United States
San Francisco, CA, United States
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