Ayushi finds marathon motivation with UP MOVE™

Ayushi Roy

UP MOVE Blue Burst

The biggest impact the UP MOVE has made on my life has been the encouragement to run more and sleep better—and I feel a lot healthier as a result.

“I’ve been pretty active my whole life,” says 23-year-old Ayushi Roy, a graduate fellow and UP MOVE™ wearer who’s currently training for the New York City Marathon. Between working two jobs, maintaining a rigorous training schedule and nursing herself back from injuries, Ayushi uses her UP MOVE™ to find balance in an already full life.

“The thing I struggle with the most is doing things continuously,” confesses Ayushi, “One week, I’ll have a spurt of energy where I’ll do everything according to plan and run. Then the next week, I’m not feeling it—I'm over my head at work, and I won’t do anything at all.” When this happens, Ayushi leans on her friends, partner and mom to bounce back. She’s also been using her UP MOVE™ tracker to stay motivated. “UP for me is a way to keep track of what I am doing,” she explains, “which allows me to be more cognizant of when I’m doing a good job at balancing my life.”

As a tennis player since the age of 5 and former college athlete, Ayushi is no stranger to setbacks. “I’ve had lots of injuries because of my sports activities,” she admits. “I have back problems, and now that I’m training for the New York City Marathon, I have ankle and knee issues—injuries have been the hardest part.” Regular physical therapy sessions allow Ayushi to work through these setbacks, and she’s done a fantastic job of listening to her body while on this constant road to recovery. “You have to make sure to take care of your body—take days off. Do a full body soak with bath salts. It’s great and very helpful and necessary for your muscles.”

Ayushi has found motivation to reach her active stride again with a little encouragement from UP. “The biggest impact the UP MOVE has made on my life has been the encouragement to run more and sleep better—and I feel a lot healthier as a result,” she says with a smile. “Smart Coach would notify me of helpful hints like, a simple trick is to take a hot shower before you go to sleep, and that really stuck with me. I always allot for eight hours of sleep time, but the amount of time I was actually getting sound sleep was nowhere near it. Those tips help me reach the closest to eight hours I would say I've ever gotten.” Improving her sleep has helped Ayushi stay healthy and on schedule. “UP makes it very convenient for me to experiment and track what works well for my body. And it helps me track the difference in progress and patterns to help me navigate a more effective schedule for myself, because I live by my Google calendar.”

When asked what else motivates her, Ayushi’s face lights up into a huge grin, “Food motivates me a lot—bacon, specifically, motivates me quite a bit,” she says with a laugh.