Bob finds joy at age fifty with UP2™

Bob Bogle

UP2 Oat Spectrum Lightweight Thin Strap

UP helps me track my steps, my sleep, and keeps me motivated to pursue this healthier lifestyle I want to embrace. I started running, now I do 10 and 12Ks, and the weight started dropping off.

“Health and fitness is a funny thing, once you start it's kind of like climbing a ladder,” says Bob Bogle, a 54-year-old former advertising media sales executive, runner, and UP® wearer since 2014. “Once you've reached these benchmarks or thresholds, then your brain says ‘Let me try a bit harder.’ It's work, but once you accomplish it, you start progressing.”

Bob's personal progress toward health began at age 52 after a trip with his wife to celebrate Carnival in Trinidad, a lively 2-day island party featuring masquerade bands and costumes. “Like a lot of middle aged gentleman, I became a couch potato. I put on more weight than I should, and I started to slow down,” he says reflectively. “The first year we barely finished Carnival. Prior to going the 2nd year, we started working out.”

Bob decided to purchase a fitness tracker to stay motivated toward his goals. “I tried an UP tracker, and fell in love with it. It helped track my steps, my sleep, and kept me motivated to pursue this healthier lifestyle I wanted to embrace. I started running, now I do 10 and 12Ks, and the weight started dropping off. I'm 190 pounds now, versus 235 pounds three years ago.”

Today, Bob finds inspiration everywhere: from his wife, his friends on UP®, and the loss of a dear childhood friend he grew up with in the West Indies. “He was my age, and training for Bay to Breakers. He had an ache in the knee. We thought it was just a sports injury, but he had Stage IV brain cancer. I do these 10 and 12Ks in tribute to him. I figure if he could do it, than I could do it.”

This new lease on life has also given Bob more than just physical strength and endurance, it's allowed him to challenge his fears. “We were in Negril, Jamaica in the West Indies, and my friends were jumping off a 3-story cliff into the Caribbean Sea, and I couldn't jump,” he says resignedly. “But just the other day, I climbed up a 20-foot ladder without even thinking about it. I'm stronger and healthier and fitter—while 5 years ago I was feeling fragile. So, my goal is to go back to that place in the next 12 months and prove this isn't just a fluke.”

“I look at my life as a bell curve. I'm 54, but I'm at the top,” he explains. “When I get to 90, I don't want be looking back and say I shoulda, I coulda, I wish I woulda.”