Brett speeds up rehab with UP3™

Brett Bullington

UP3 Black Twist

I had a tough accident and a series of operations around it. The tracker kept me on schedule with my rehab and kept my medical team totally informed.

Brett Bullington was cycling across the country from Santa Barbara, CA to Charleston, SC. Just outside Bartlesville, Oklahoma there was a bump in the road that changed his life forever. After this serious cycling accident, doctors were concerned about permanent brain damage.

While in recovery, a friend gave Brett an UP® tracker saying that it would help with his rehabilitation. “I had injured the right side of my brain which affects the left side of my body, so doing therapeutic exercises all the time, on time, was really important. I needed to do very specific movements to reprogram my nervous system. So I just set alerts on my tracker and it kept me on schedule.”

The alert function was just the beginning. Before long, other features focusing on heart health and activity tracking became valuable as well. “The fact that the tracker measured my sleep and my activity level was a big part of my recovery. I had this way to ‘metric’ my body as I went through this. Sleep is so important in brain function anyway, and when you're recovering from a brain injury, it's even more important.”

Brett was able to share his progress each week. “Every Monday I would get an email summarizing my UP results for the week. It showed me what I was doing on a day-to-day basis and whether or not I was being consistent. I shared this info with my friends and they were amazing. I put it all up on Facebook. And of course my medical team was thrilled to have all this information.”

Brett has now upgraded to an UP3™. “The UP3 keeps track of my pulse 24/7. I get my resting heart rate first thing in the morning and I then get continuous readings all day.”

Having started out with UP® during his recovery, the system is now a friend for life as it helps him stay engaged with his health moving forward. When asked about his inspiration, he mentioned his kids. When asked about a great tool to get and stay healthy, he mentioned UP. “Since my accident in 2013, I've walked over 8,000,000 steps which is about 4,000 miles.”