Errick finds deep sleep with UP3™

Errick Page

UP3 Sand Twist

The biggest impact UP has made on my life is teaching me to sleep more, and be more focused on getting great quality sleep.

“My friends would describe me as the dreamer of the group,” says Errick Page, a 29-year-old Digital Marketing Professional and UP3™ wearer since 2015. “I have a lot of dreams, and I always encourage other people to dream big because if you're not dreaming big, big things won't happen.”

Errick's big dreams have certainly lead him in some exciting directions. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Errick's dreams ultimately lead him to Los Angeles where he collaborated for 2 years on social and digital campaigns for Jennifer Lopez. Today he attributes his health as key to keeping his momentum: “Health is wealth. If you're not feeling good within, it's really hard for you to focus on or accomplish any of your dreams.”

Due to a history of diabetes and hypertension in his family, Errick ultimately selected an UP3™ tracker as a stylish tool to monitor and manage his health. “When I first got my UP3, the first thing that I noticed is that it looked really good with everything else that I had on. It wasn't just a fitness tracker,” he explains while staring admiringly down at his UP3™ in Sand Twist. “It becomes a part of what you wear everyday, and becomes a part of you.”

UP3 became so much a part of Errick, that he soon started wearing it to bed. “I had no idea I had unhealthy sleeping habits,” he says earnestly. “UP has really helped me to understand how sleep impacts everyday functions like blood pressure, energy, diet and fitness goals. Sleep has an impact of on everything you're trying to accomplish in life. Now sleep is one of the most important things I try to work into my day.”

Implementing a nightly routine has begun to help Errick overcome his inconsistent sleep habits. “There are workouts you can do like leg lifts and calisthenics” he says, stopping to grin and consider his own pronunciation of the word. “There are also some breathing techniques that I learned from Smart Coach. Super cool—they actually put me to sleep, and I had the best deep sleep that I've had in a long time.”