Jeff stays in motion with UP MOVE™

Jeff Ludlum

UP MOVE Blue Burst

By using the UP system almost a year, I've found that it keeps me motivated. It makes me want to get out and keep after it.

“My number one health goal is to be healthier as I get older. I'm a middle aged guy, my life is pretty busy now. I've got three little kids, which is great and super fun, but that takes away from time for yourself,” reflects Jeff Ludlum, an UP MOVE™ wearer since 2015. “My health is what I am trying to focus on now for myself, so I can also be there for them, live longer and be happier overall.”

Jeff has been an active person throughout his life, but agrees that in recent years it's been a challenge to stay consistent. “The hardest part for me is creating the continuity of being active,” he explains. “If you're not active all the time, you tend to gain weight and other things suffer.”

“There's not a lot of time for hobbies with three little kids at home, but I like to write. Writing has been my number one external thing—beyond work, keeping the house going, and trying to exercise and stay active—that I like to do.” As Jeff already was in the habit of recording his life through extensive journaling, he decided that a fitness tracker could aid him in the task.

Jeff compared and contrasted a few fitness trackers before settling on one that met his needs. “I wanted something that would be reasonably priced, yet do the things I wanted it to do, he explains. “I love the whole scope of the data that the UP system captures. You can track steps, specific activities, sleep, weight, diet and mood. The UP MOVE is my tracker of choice. It's just a little fob, put it on and away we go.”

As Jeff walks us through his family's very regimented schedule, you can start to see that time to care for oneself is a luxury rarely afforded. “My morning starts at 4:30AM for me, I take the dogs out, and that's my exercise time, and my first big boost for UP for the day,” he says with a big smile. “I'm out of the house by 6AM, drop the kids off at daycare, and then off to work. I'm pretty much done with the work day by 5PM—then it's home, and then we are into the family thing, which is a swirl of chaos—but it's a fun swirl of chaos.”

Even now, as we wrap up his interview, a whirlwind of chaos awaits him at home on a Saturday. Though he can't predict the exact form that the chaos will take, he knows that he can count on UP® to keep him moving. “By using the system for almost a year now, I have found that it keeps me motivated,” he says with a bright smile. “It keeps me wanting to get out and get after it.”