Lauren bounces back after baby with UP2™

Lauren Carvajal

UP2 Violet Circle Classic Flat Strap

UP means taking care of myself—and making sure I lead an active lifestyle so that I can be healthy and teach my child to be healthy as well.

“I'm most passionate about children” says Lauren Carvajal, a 34-year-old kindergarten teacher, and UP2™ wearer. “Not only having children of my own, but I just love seeing children learn and grow—it's my life's passion.”

Lauren's joy for children has only grown stronger after the birth of her first child, a bubbly one-year-old named Leo who happily babbles from her lap. “I want to be a better person for Leo and for my family” she says, looking lovingly at Leo as he teeths on a toy elephant.

One way that Lauren is trying to improve herself is by modeling healthy habits for her family. As part of her effort to hold herself accountable, she started using an UP2™ tracker to stay motivated. “UP means taking care of myself, and making sure I lead an active lifestyle so that I can be healthy and teach my child to be healthy as well,” explains Lauren.

Lauren grew up playing sports, and was an avid runner until pregnancy changed her body and routine. “I stopped running, but continued to walk every day. I used my UP2 band to track my mileage—and it helped me stay healthy while I was pregnant. Even on those days when I was mighty tired carrying around this baby, UP helped remind me to keep getting steps, and keep walking.”

After Leo was born, Lauren started using UP not only to stay active, but to help structure her and her family's day. “I think UP is a great tool for moms. It helps keep me and him active. Moms have so many other things on their mind that it's a nice little reminder—especially if you set an activity alert,” she says, shifting a gurgling Leo from one arm to another. “I like the Smart Alarm. It's nice to have a silent buzz on my wrist. I'm able to wake up without waking up my husband. I also set additional reminder alarms for Leo to keep him on a sleep and feeding schedule.”

With UP helping shape her new parenting groove, Lauren has been able to incorporate running and regular exercise back into her schedule too. “I'm trying to get back to working out,” she says “When I was at home, UP reminded me to get out of the house and take him for a walk. I tried to prioritize that, even though it's sometimes hard with a little baby to get everything together and get out of the house.”

At this point Leo is starting to get bored with the interview process. He's invented a delightful game called “Toy On The Floor” to pass the time, or that's what it should be called because we spend about 10 minutes playing it. It's good exercise, but we all suspect that this game won't be fun forever. Since it's about time for Lauren to head home to tuck Leo in for the night, we ask her what advice she'd give other moms considering an UP tracker.

Leo throws the toy on the floor again, and we all laugh. “My advice would be: Take your time.” Lauren gently advises. “You might not get 10,000 steps your first day. Your sleep may not improve right away. It's all about baby steps. Add a little bit each day, and before you know it—you'll be there.”