Luis commits to health, happiness & UP3™

Luis Landestoy

UP3 Ruby Cross

My health has been up and down. Sometimes I'm where I need to be, and sometimes I let go and start gaining weight. UP is like a friend that wants to help you get to your goals when it comes to being healthy.

“My health history has been up and down. Sometimes I'm where I need to be and healthy, and sometimes I let go and start gaining weight,” says Luis Landestoy, a 27-year-old UP3™ wearer and independent hip-hop music producer. “It's time to take control of my life, and stay fit and healthy.”

In September 2015, Luis seized the moment—and the latest wearable. “I actually stole my UP3 band from my fiancée,” Luis says grinning broadly. “She went to NY fashion week, she's a blogger, and when I saw it, I told her I wanted one for Christmas. So, it became my pre-Christmas present instead.”

Luis, a laid back guy himself, found it easy to incorporate UP® into his daily life and style. “The bands are very stylish. You don't have something weird on your hand, you have something that looks nice,” he explains. “Smart Coach is great because it gives you tips on things you ought to be doing—trying to change your diet, your exercise and your sleeping habits. It's like a news feed giving you tips on how to get to your goals.”

While UP3™ keeps Luis motivated with insights and reminders, Luis says he also benefits from getting encouragement from his fiancée Melissa. “She's always pushing me when I'm being a little lazy and don't want to go for a run—because I make that part of my schedule,” he says with a small laugh. “We're planning the wedding in the Dominican Republic in November. It's one of the main reasons I want to drop down the weight,” he explains. “I started wearing UP in September, and that's when I started working out and being healthy. I was at 230 pounds and now I'm at 210. I want to be at 185 and stay there as long as I can—hopefully for life.”

As Luis moves toward the big event and his new commitment to health, he celebrates the little wins along the way. “I play more basketball now since I have better stamina. As I keep working out and lose weight, I've started to notice that I can play better, I can move faster and last longer in games,” he explains.

Having stamina to go long haul has been critical to Luis's success. When asked what others in the UP® community could do to replicate his success, the groom-to-be has a bit of advice: “Don't give up,” he urges pointedly. “Just because the first or second week you're not seeing any changes—at some point you will. Just put your head down, and keep on trucking.”