Randy builds a family at home and at Jawbone

Randy Knaflic

VP of People Operations

UP3 Silver Cross

If I’m going to spend my time and a lot of my waking hours there, I want to be part of an organization that truly has an impact. I came to Jawbone because we have the opportunity to affect people‘s lives in so many ways.

“I’m very proud that I’ve always managed to bring together people who inspire and encourage each other,” says Randy Knaflic, Jawbone’s VP of People Operations. “If you focus on that combination—cool things to work on and cool people who challenge you—it’ll amount to great things.”

His passion for bringing together great people around a single goal led Randy into the direction and role he holds today. “I oversee all of the people and places of Jawbone, traditionally known as HR, workplace and facilities. I also oversee our IT support and MIS operations. So everything that deals with making sure we get the best talent for Jawbone, that we take care of our talent we have, and that people feel like they can grow and have their career aspirations realized here—it all falls in my camp.”

Randy has made a habit of working for organizations he believes are changing the world. “I've had the privilege to work at some impactful companies, including Google, that’s bringing information to the world and impacting lives every day; and SpaceX, a company figuring out how to colonize Mars and privatize commercial space flight. I came to Jawbone because we have the opportunity to affect people's lives in so many ways. The stories I hear about how our products help people are just incredible.” For Randy, a job is not just a job—he wants to feel like he’s part of something bigger. “If I’m going to spend my time and a lot of my waking hours there, I want to be part of an organization that truly has an impact.”

One of the ways Jawbone helps make an impact is by creating products that help people live healthier, happier lives. It’s a mission which Randy says truly hit home for him. “With three kids—who are under 4, including a six month old—the hardest challenge to staying healthy is finding the time and discipline when you’re exhausted or when life gets in the way.” He explains, “It’s very easy to slip out of having those routines that keep you healthy, but I’d like to think I’m trying to be healthy now, especially, for the three little ones. I want to be active and around for them.”

Randy grew up in Wisconsin, and talks about when he first realized his health was not on track. “When I moved to New York, I weighed more than I thought. So I decided to start running. When you're bigger and you start running, you begin with just trying to make it around the block without dying,” he says with a laugh, “but I’ll never forget running my first 5K in New York.” Over time, and after putting in many miles of hard work, Randy decided in 2001 he’d attempt his first marathon. “I believe anyone can run one. It’s about knowing what you need to do each day and then going out and doing it.” Over the years, this developed into a healthy habit that took him to many wonderful places: “I’ve run four marathons in NYC, two in Chicago and one each in Boston, Berlin, Zurich and Florence. I always joke and say, ‘I do marathons because it’s my way to see the world.’”

Seeing the impact UP® has on its community reminds Randy on a daily basis that he’s part of something special. “I was really moved by a story from my cousin, who’s an avid Jawbone user. His adult son is autistic, and he told me how he reached out to the autistic community to share how they were using UP with their son to get a better understanding of his eating, sleeping and moving habits. One of the important aspects for them was to be able to see his sleep. It’s important they keep his routine consistent, and UP gave them visibility into when he was sleeping without having to go in and check on him.” To take it even further, Randy explains, “They also told me how one of his caretakers was telling them he was sleeping for certain periods of time, but they were able to say, ‘No he wasn’t…the app shows he was pacing.’” It was after this story that Randy took time to really delve into the UP community of users. “I found there’s this whole network of people who love our products. It’s inspiring.”

Finding the right balance between his family and work, Randy breaks it down for us: “Having kids, you sort of learn how to be flexible with your time, but most days my routine is pretty consistent. I get up and run or work out in the morning, during ‘me time.’ Then, I head to work. After work, I head home for kid time and bath time. And once the kids are asleep, I get to catch up on my day with my wife.” Time is a trending theme with Randy, and he wraps up the interview with some advice about it. “Be conscious of the time because it goes by so fast; try not to waste it. Don’t waste time on the things you don’t want to be doing or the place you don't want to be working. Don't waste time on relationships you don’t want to be in… We need to remind ourselves that time is so short, and we shouldn’t waste it.”