Getting Started

Congratulations on owning ERA! To get started with your new headset, follow the instructions below.

  1. Charge your device
  2. Find your fit (Video)
  3. Create or sign-in to your Jawbone account
  4. Pair your device
  5. Using the charging case
  6. Headset controls

  1. Charge your device

  2. First, charge your ERA using the USB charging cable. Your new headset is partially charged but it's best to fully charge it before using.

    While ERA is charging, follow the steps below to register your headset and download companion software.

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  3. Find your fit

  4. As ERA is meant to be worn for long periods of time, the correct fit is essential for comfort and sound quality.

    To wear ERA:

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  5. Create or sign in to your Jawbone account

  6. Next, sign in to your existing Jawbone account, or create a new account. A Jawbone account allows you to personalize and program your headset.

    To sign in, or sign up, click here.

    After signing in to your Jawbone account, connect your headset to a computer using the USB cable.

    If this is your first time connecting a Jawbone device to your computer, you will be prompted to download the Jawbone Updater. This software allows your Jawbone device to communicate with your computer.

    Jawbone Updater instructions:

    My Devices

    Navigate to My Devices in your Jawbone account to customize and personalize your device. Follow the website instructions to add your new ERA to My Devices.

    My Device features:

    Jawbone App

    Apple (iOS)

    The Jawbone app helps you play the music you love through any Bluetooth audio device, and allows you customize your Jawbone devices. The app also reminds you about battery life and manages calls.

    Download here

    Google (Android)

    The Jawbone app helps you play the music you love and customize your Jawbone devices. The app also helps you stay on top of your schedule, reminds you about battery life and manages calls.

    Download here

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  7. Pair your device

  8. Please click here for instructions on pairing your ERA with a phone or tablet.

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  9. Using the charging case

  10. The charging case can extend your headset charge, and safely store your headset when you aren't wearing it.

    Recharge your charging case to keep it at full power.

    Headsets are purchased with or without charging cases. Visit the eStore. to purchase a new charging case.

    For additional details, please see the charging case support article.

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  11. Headset controls

  12. Volume

    Phone call (TALK Button)

    Play music (TALK Button)

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