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The Jawbone App helps you curate and play the music you love as well as customize your Jawbone family of devices. Moreover, it will also help you stay on top of your schedule (Android only), battery life, and calls—all hands-free using your Jawbone headset or speaker.

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Learn more about the Jawbone App Features:

Music & Playlists

Add playlists from multiple services (local music & Spotify) and listen to your favorite music all in one app – seamlessly switching between services and tracks with a simple swipe.

To add music from your playlists:

  1. Swipe the bottom navigation to “Music” and then swipe up. This will take you to the main “Music” menu
  2. Tap on the plus icon or “Tap to add playlists”
  3. Swipe right or left to toggle between music sources
  4. Tap on a playlist to add it to your MUSIC tab
  5. Tap a playlist on the MUSIC tab to play it. When playing, tap the album art to play/pause and swipe to skip
  6. Tap and hold a playlist on the MUSIC tab to remove it

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Jawbone whispers through your headset or speaker and reminds you about upcoming meetings and events when they're starting; it will even dial you into conference calls at the press of a button, passcode and all. The Jawbone App automatically connects to the default Android Calendar.

Agenda provides the following features:

  2. Both notifications can be turned on or off through the agenda settings menu which can be accessed by tapping the Jawbone logo in the top right corner of any menu

  3. DIAL-IN

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Preview custom voice prompts and languages to personalize your Jawbone device

To install prompts, log in to Jawbone.com and plug in your device. Disabling prompts mutes voice and tone feedback from your Jawbone headset or speaker.

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Review and select actions for the buttons on your Jawbone speaker or headset

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Battery Meter

A convenient battery indicator on your phone lets you know how much battery life your speaker or headset has left

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Toggle LiveAudio on and off from the application (JAMBOX, BIG JAMBOX, and MINI JAMBOX only). Jawbone currently supports Jawbone ERA, ICON HD, ICON, JAMBOX, BIG JAMBOX and MINI JAMBOX

Get access to LiveAudio enhanced tunes

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Get access to support articles through the Jawbone App to help you learn more about your device and learn about troubleshooting steps

To access support through the app:

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