Jawbone Battery Meter for BlackBerry® FAQ

This article provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about Jawbone Battery Meter for BlackBerry®. Click a question below or browse the entire article to learn more hints and tips.

What is Jawbone Battery Meter for BlackBerry®?

This is an application that displays your Jawbone’s remaining battery charge in the status bar area of your BlackBerry® phone.


What devices do I need to use Jawbone Battery Meter for BlackBerry®?

You need a Jawbone ICON, Jawbone ICON HD or Jawbone ERA, and a BlackBerry® phone running OS 4.6 or higher.


What steps are necessary to get going with the Battery Meter?

1. Sign into MyTALK and plug in your device.  Get any updates available.

2. Click the Mobile Apps tab and click “Get” under the Battery Meter icon.

3. Click the ‘Enable’ button to set up your Jawbone to communicate with the mobile app.

4. Enter an email address you can access on your phone.  That way we can send you links for downloading the app.  If you don’t receive the email, just open up a browser and go to m.jawbone.com/battery to get the app.

5. Click the download button to install the mobile app.

6. If the app does not launch automatically, find Jawbone Battery Meter in your Downloads folder and run it.

7. If you're not already paired to your phone, follow directions to pair.  Otherwise, the app should indicate you are connected to the Battery Meter.


What do the battery indicators mean?

The small icons positioned in your phone’s status bar indicate the states of the Jawbone’s battery and the app.


When the battery graphics appears green and full, that indicates the battery has full charge (approximately 4 hours talk time).  The relative levels correspond to proportional amounts of talk time remaining. 


If the graphic shows a light gray battery, this means no Jawbone is connected (or your Jawbone is out of range).


If the graphic contains a red exclamation point, then the application is experiencing trouble communicating with the headset.  Follow the help instructions below to remedy the issue.




When I try to connect, the Battery Meter says “Your Jawbone is Connected, but not currently enabled for the Battery Meter”. What should I do?

This indicates that the connected Jawbone is not getting recognized by the Battery Meter app.  You should try the following steps:

1. Confirm you have a Jawbone ICON or Jawbone ERA headset.  Other models will not work with the battery meter.

2. Confirm you device is switched on.  This is necessary to connect to the Battery Meter application.

3. Go to mytalk.jawbone.com and ensure your Jawbone is enabled. Check under Advanced Settings -> Battery Meter setting.

4. If you don’t see that setting, make sure you have updated your Jawbone to the latest software (check whether an update is presented in the green sync box).  After this, go to the Mobile Apps tab and follow directions to get setup with the app.  Enable your device per the instructions.

5. Once you have confirmed your Jawbone is enabled, unplug and try reconnecting.

6. If you continue experiencing problems, try removing your Jawbone from your phone’s Bluetooth settings, then re-pairing.  Click here for directions on how to re-pair. 
7. Try exiting and re-starting the app if you continue having this issue.  Restarting the phone may also resolve the issue.


When I try to pair, the application says “Your BlackBerry could not find your Jawbone device”. What should I do?

First, make sure your device is in pairing mode; the LED indicator should be flashing red and white, alternatively.

If you continue experiencing trouble pairing from within the Battery Meter application, try pairing using your phone’s normal Bluetooth settings menu.  

For help getting your device in pairing mode, see instructions here



If I have multiple Jawbones, will they all work with the Battery Meter?

You can enable all your Jawbone ICONs or Jawbone ERAs to work with the Battery Meter.  To ensure best performance, only turn on one headset at a time, to ensure the application is communicating with the appropriate device.



How do I remove the Battery Meter from my BlackBerry® phone?

If you decide you want to remove Jawbone Battery Meter for BlackBerry®, just delete the application (click the menu from its containing folder and select “Delete”).