Multipoint call handling

This article applies to BIG JAMBOX, JAMBOX, ERA, ICON HD, ICON and PRIME.

This article provides answers to the most commonly asked questions about using Multipoint with your Jawbone device. Click a question below or browse the entire article to learn more hints and tips.

What is Multipoint?

Multipoint is a useful feature that lets you simultaneously connect your Jawbone headset or speaker with up to two devices.  

Multipoint makes your Jawbone device the central audio interface for your entire consumer electronics experience.

This means you can remain connected to two phones at the same time, and answer/place calls on either phone using your Jawbone device.

You can also connect to both a mobile device (e.g. phone, mp3 player, tablet) , and a PC or MAC if when you are using The NERD and stream music from one and answer/place calls on the other.

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What happens if I have more than one device that streams audio?

Currently, Jawbone headsets and speakers stream audio from a single device at a time.

If you are connected with two devices that both support streaming audio over Bluetooth (called A2DP), your Jawbone speaker or headset will choose the first device it connects with as the streaming device.  You can still answer and place calls using the second device, but you will only get streaming (A2DP) audio from the first one.

When using an ICON HD you can connect and stream audio from any two devices. When media stops playing on one device you will be able to start media on another without having to connect and disconnect the headset.

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How do I control which audio device streams to my Jawbone headset or speaker when I’m using Multipoint?

Since the first device you connect with is the one that streams audio, you want to be sure you always connect first to the streaming device.

The simplest way is to turn off both devices.  Then turn on your streaming device and confirm it has connected to your Jawbone headset or speaker.  Then turn on your second device and connect.  The audio should stream from your first device.

A more advanced solution is to manage the Connection Order of your Jawbone headset or speaker on in the Advanced Settings menu.  The Connection Order determines the sequence of devices in which your Jawbone will attempt to connect.  See below for detailed instructions.

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How do I activate Multipoint on my Jambox?

Turn OFF the JAMBOX before connecting to your computer.

Plug your Jambox into your computer and go to  Once you have set up the Jawbone Updater, access the Advanced Settings menu (on the left side of your screen) and open up the Connections section. You’ll see a switch for activating Simultaneous Connections on your Jambox.

Note: Jawbone ICON comes with multipoint turned on by default, so you don't need to take any action unless you previously turned it off.

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What if I have more than two devices?

With multipoint ON, your Jawbone headset or speaker will try to connect to the first two devices available.  The order in which it connects depends on the connection priority mode, described below.

If one of your two connected devices goes out of range or disconnects, your Jawbone headset or speaker will search for the next available device.

If your streaming media device is disconnected, your Jawbone unit will try to stream media from the next device it connects with (streaming is not transferred to the already-connected device).

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How does Connection Order work with Multipoint turned off?

Connection Order is useful whether you are using Multipoint or not. For example, let’s say you always prefer to hear audio through your iPad, and you don’t care to be connected to any other devices at the same time. However, if your iPad is powered off or out of range, you want to stream audio from your laptop.

In this situation you would want to turn Multipoint off, and then move your iPad to the front of the list.

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