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The world is your venue

Bring the noise

$129.99 for a limited time

New feature: Multi Play

Let's get together.

Sometimes you just want to hear more. Now you can. Activate Multi Play to connect two MINI JAMBOX speakers for twice the sound. Team up with a friend to alternate songs and DJ effortlessly—just one more reason to get together. Get the update.

Aqua Scales and Green Dot MINI JAMBOX demonstration of new Multi Play functionality.

Adventures in sound.

Feel the music, dive into the movie, or lose yourself in the game. The rich, crisp, three-dimensional sound of MINI JAMBOX with LiveAudio® technology transports you to amazing places. Who knows where you'll end up next? What's LiveAudio?

Red Dot MINI JAMBOX paired with an iPad.

Puts on a great show.

Measuring in at less than an inch thin and a featherweight 9oz, MINI JAMBOX is built from a single piece of extruded aluminum designed to deliver incredible sound quality and volume for its size. It also comes in 9 colors and 5 different design options. Pick a color.

Display of the 9 colors and 5 different design options for MINI JAMBOX.

Start a conversation. With your speaker.

Connecting calls from your phone or tablet to MINI JAMBOX couldn't be easier. The built-in microphone lets everyone in the room join the conversation. Now you can hear your best friend's voice in full crisp sound. Just warn them they're on speakerphone… Show me the tech.

Purple Snowflake MINI JAMBOX paired with an iPhone.

The best things keep getting better.

MINI JAMBOX is designed to last. Because you can update the technology that powers it, you'll always have the latest, greatest version. Just download the Jawbone App and look out for updates, then fall in love over and over again.

Display of the Jawbone App on a iPhone.


  • LiveAudio

    Sign in and download LiveAudio to listen in three dimensions.

  • Multi Play

    Connect two MINI JAMBOX speakers for twice the sound.

  • Jawbone App

    Download the Jawbone App and look out for product updates.

  • …if you're seeking an incredibly portable speaker with a great blend of sound and unmatched style, MINI JAMBOX is the best speaker to have with you.

  • …not only is it a beautiful device, it sounds good, too. [MINI JAMBOX] pumps out an impressive amount of volume for its size.

  • The most differentiating factor is naturally the device's size: While created for portability, the tiny package also packs a sonic punch.