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Inserting and Replacing the Battery

Inserting and Replacing the Battery


Materials needed:

  • Battery tool (included)
  • CR 2032 battery

To install or replace the battery in UP Move, remove the tracker from it’s clip. Then, use the battery tool to unscrew the battery cap by twisting it counter-clockwise until the battery cap comes off.

Next, insert a CR 2032 battery with the + sign facing outwards

User-added image

Replace the cap by aligning the dot on the cap with the dot on the left side of the tracker.

User-added image

Use the battery tool to push the cap down and turn it clockwise until the dot on the cap aligns with the top dot on the tracker. You’ll feel a little click when the door is closed correctly.

User-added image

Now, check to see if the device is responding. If not, open the battery door to check battery orientation. If the orientation is correct, try a different battery.

The battery typically lasts 4-6 months

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