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Syncing and Pairing

UP is a system. The tracker records your movements and sleep. The app displays your data. Data collected by the tracker is communicated wirelessly with Bluetooth LE.

To sync data, your tracker must remain connected to your device via Bluetooth. Press the tracker button to connect at any time. Your data will sync with the app once it has connected. When syncing, a progress bar displays in the app.
Your data also syncs every minute when the app is open and your tracker is connected and within 33 feet of an iOS device. When the app is running in the background, your data will sync every 20 minutes.

Once the sync is complete, you can immediately review your progress in the activity log. You can review your activity log later by pulling down on the homescreen. Swipe up to close.

Check if device is synced

To check your tracker’s connectivity, open the UP app and check the status badge in the upper right corner. If a tracker icon appears, your tracker is connected.
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Adding a new device

If you’d like to connect a new tracker, please see Add Another Tracker.


If your tracker is disconnected, you’ll see a red Bluetooth symbol in the upper right corner of your homescreen. To reconnect, try the following steps:
  • Close the app, then relaunch. 
  • Turn off your device’s Bluetooth. Wait 1 minute, then turn it on again. Finally, relaunch the app.
  • Check your internet connection. The UP app needs the internet to sync.
  • Restart your device. 
  • Perform a soft reset on your tracker.

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