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Changing Modes

The display on UP Move allows you to check current mode, step progress, sleep progress and the current time.

Switching Modes

Your tracker has 3 different modes:


Awake Mode

Use awake mode to track your steps during the day. This is your tracker’s default mode.

From awake mode, press the button once to see your current step progress. 
The runner icon indicates that you are in awake mode, and the light on the tracker shows your current step count relative to your daily goal.

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When you meet your step goal, the lights will spin and your total progress will be displayed. 

Stopwatch Mode

Use stopwatch mode to track the steps and duration of a specific activity.

To start stopwatch mode, press the button once, then press and hold. The lights and the runner icon will flash. When you’ve finished your activity, press and hold the button to return to awake mode.

Your timed activity will appear in the UP app. You can always edit the details of the activity, including the duration, from the UP app. To learn more about Stopwatch mode, see Logging a Workout.

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Sleep Mode

Use sleep mode to track the quality and quantity of your Light and Sound sleep.
We recommend wearing the tracker with the wristband to most accurately track your sleep. If you don’t have a wristband, you can wear UP Move by attaching the clip to the sleeve of your pajamas.

To start sleep mode, press and hold the button. The lights and moon icon will flash.

To exit sleep mode and return to awake mode, press and hold the button. The lights will indicate your sleep progress. 
When you meet your sleep goal, the lights will spin and your total progress will be displayed. 

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Open the app to view more sleep details, like the amount of Sound and Light sleep you experienced. To learn more about sleep mode, go here.
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To check sleep progress throughout the day, press the button three times. 

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