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  • Medical grade TPU rubber
  • Anodized aluminum

Your tracker is rain, splash, sweat and shower-resistant, but avoid submerging in liquids. Remember to remove your tracker before swimming, surfing, bathing, or when in the sauna.

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Tracker Button

UP Move’s button allows you to switch modes, view step progress, view sleep progress, and view current time.




See Progress




Press once in awake mode to see step progress for the day.


From awake mode, press once, then press and hold.

Press and hold to return to awake mode.



From awake mode, press and hold.

Press and hold to return to awake mode.

Press 3 times in awake mode.

To view the current time, press the button twice in any mode. To learn more about the time feature, see Telling Time article.

Status Lights

UP Move has two icons: the runner icon and the moon icon. These icons flash to communicate current mode. Other icons also flash on UP Move to help you understand current time, step progress and sleep progress. See this video on how to switch modes and how the status lights respond.
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The clip allows you to wear your tracker throughout the day. Clip on your pants or shirt pocket for best results. We recommend using the wristband to track sleep.
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The wristband can be worn with the tracker throughout the day. It also provides optimal results when tracking sleep.
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