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Managing Weight

Set a weight goal with UP, then track your progress to gain a better understanding of how your activity, sleep and food impacts your weight.

Setting a Weight Goal

To set a weight goal, open the left menu from the homescreen. Then tap “Goals,” then “Weight.” 
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Choose whether you want to lose, maintain, or gain weight.
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Tell UP your optimal weight, then read the tips on how to achieve your goal.

Tap the check icon in the upper right corner to save your weight. You can adjust your weight goal at any time, and your weight goal is private by default.

Logging Weight

Log your weight by tapping the “+” sign at the bottom of your homescreen. Then tap the scale icon.
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Adjust your weight, body fat % (if known), and the current time. Tap the check icon in the upper right corner to save your weight. 
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You can also log weight using a wifi scale that by connecting it to UP in the Partner Apps.

Your weight goal and entry is private by default. If you want to share it, go to the “Help & Settings” menu, then “Privacy & Sharing.”

You can edit a previous weight entry by locating the weight entry in your feed, tapping the entry, and then tapping “Edit.”
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